Tuesday, June 18, 2013


It's 2 weeks in to hospital orientation. Currently, I'm sitting in Georgetown's M st. Starbucks. I just finished a long day of Critical Care Lectures, then ran, and now will soon be off to bed. Tomorrow will bring a Basic Life Support refresher course in the AM. I have an appropriately overwhelming feeling that I'm being prepped in life-saving techniques that will frequently come in to use this year more than during any years past. Now, done with medical school, I'll start working on the 1st of July as a physician of my own.
Until then, I'm soaking in every pearl of wisdom I can find anew and resting myself where I sense this calm precedes a storm of sorts...

A good storm. One you've chased your entire life so far.

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  1. so good to 'hear' from you on this little blog :) I miss you sweet girl! Keep writing, we love seeing whats going on in your life!