Friday, September 28, 2012

a little bit of chocolate.

Chai tea. An oversized chair. And a little bit of chocolate.

So, why do I blog?  I am often presented with the question... if you didn't go in to medicine, what would you do? Well, I've never really thought of doing anything else except medicine (because I feel my fabric is suited only for medicine), but, for the sake of entertaining the thought, I never hesitate, and the answer comes, "A travel Writer." I would write, and I would travel. : )

Nifty enough for me, I am thankful to be travelling currently for work and school. I do feel I can write here ...on a blog for now... and maybe one day, could write something publishable.

I think it would be great to write a book-- of course. A little more life to live, and a little more decision on what I would write about. But nonetheless, between my studies and work...I will continue to find myself reading and writing.

I heard someone say recently: look at what you do in your free time, and that will tell you quite a bit about what your 'other' passions are. Well, aside from people (  : )  ), and aside from spending time with them, I truly enjoy reading and writing. While in the field of medicine then, I hope to find my niche.

Currently, sitting in a Starbucks, sipping a chai tea and eating a bit of chocolate. I've had a great week on the Neurology service and am continuing to learn a tremendous lot -- many interesting patients and good-for-life medicine pearls from my Attending. Pearls like:    'if you're not looking for it, you won't see it.'   'if you're not aware of the diagnosis, you will never make it.'   'neurology is more often than not: treating the un-diagnosable, and diagnosing the untreatable.'

I guess, with all this travelling and changes of scenery, I feel that blogging gives me a record of my happenings. I do have an ultimate Witness to my life.  But here, I can invite others to witness it too.

Thanks for reading! if you made it to the end. Cheers to callings, and to 'other' passions.


  1. Nina! Now you have made me want Starbucks. And Nina time. :) I am right there with you on writing. I started my blog mostly because I missed writing so much. Gotta put my English major to use. :) Good to hear you're learning and enjoying. much love!

  2. Love you Savannah! That's great to hear you're blogging--- I need to find yours and follow.
    I agree about writing- seems so therapeutic sometimes.
    Wish we could share a starbucks some time and catch up on each other's lives. We'll have to make plans when I get back home. I'm enjoying where God has me on all these travels but I will be soo ready to enjoy home when this season is over. Much love too.