Sunday, September 30, 2012

grain of Sand.

I've typed out this first sentence and backspaced over it about 7 times so far. I guess this is the line that's going to stick. Not sure where to start for today's blog. But, nonetheless I'll start it. Even if like this. : )

It's been a beautiful day. With the life I am so blessed to live... I think I'll never have any right to claim one not a good day. Especially today, I was blessed to see the sun rays on ocean swept sand and photograph beautiful pieces of art. If Melanie is reading... please know I thought about you the whole time. And how you could have snapped every gorgeous photo with me.

My Sunday started with a service in church. And, the reading came from Philippians. The ultimate definition of humility. When the One Man himself, who could have considered himself at 'equality with God' --- He did not.
That always blows me away. Every time. But especially today. Like a sand sculpture on the beach. What absurdity if the sand thought it at 'equality' with its Sculpture? Absurd.

Like a grain of sand. I am only beautiful when my art is crafted by greater Hands.

For a less thoughtful end to this posting...I am going to wrap up the evening with a few to-do's. Things like finishing off emails, submitting a few forms, and making sure my brain is ready for its last week on Neurology. Virginia has been lovely. Can't wait for DC...

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  1. :) Of course I'm reading <3 love you! Wish I could've been with you, it would've been a blast :)